Aims and Objectives

  • To assimilate, integrate, promote and perpetuate the cultural heritage, arts, language and literature of the Telugu world and consciousness.
  • To bring under one aegis of the World Telugu Federation, the various Telugu Federations and Associations formed in various parts of the country and around the world.
  • To foster friendship and goodwill among various Telugu communities in India and abroad.
  • To bring about publications that promotes Telugu learning literature.
  • To organise periodical seminars and meets on Telugu culture, fine arts, literature, education, science and technology in various regions and countries.
  • To revive dying arts and crafts of Andhra Pradesh and to offer suitable help to poor artists and artisans, particularly from rural areas, indulging in these arts for their livelihood.
  • To achieve all these objectives with equality of all individuals, irrespective of caste, creed, color, community, religion, gender and geographical regions.
  • To function as a non-profit, non-political organisation dedicated to the pursuit of social, cultural, educational and literary goals.

In pace with changing times...

Smt. V.L.Indira Dutt, President of WTF, has proposed several projects to revitalise WTF, each of which is allocated to a Task Force Conveners with sub-committees have been formed to carry out these projects. A few among these are :

Telugu Language

Telugu with its mellifluous qualities, is called the "Italian of the East'. Its pride lies in its evolutionary expansion to suit every form of expression, but many can not read or write the language.

WTF on going and future plans:
  • 1. To organise free courses to learn Telugu Language. This project is being implemented and about 400 students from Chennai , Coimbatore, Salem in Tamilnadu have already learnt to read, write and speak in Telugu . These efforts will be continued in the future.
  • 2.To assist Non-resident Indians( NRIs ), settled abroad, decades ago, to keep contact with our mother land and language.
Performing Arts
  • Andhra Pradesh has a rich and varied cultural heritage.
WTF is striving to:
  • 1.Identify the unrecognized talent of poor artisans, particularly those from rural areas. Already 500 unrecognised talented artisans from rural Andhra Pradesh have been identified and they also perfomed their skills at WTF events held at various places.
  • 2.Encourage young upcoming artistes in rural and urban areas.
  • 3. Revive folk and tribal dance forms by organizing programs at various places that the youth may appreciate these arts.
  • Handicrafts of Andhra are a rich treasure of native culture.
WTF cares for :
  • 1.Promoting indigenous knowledge systems in handicrafts that are an age-old treasure passed down through generations that they may be available for posterity.
  • 2.Locating poor artisans and provide them with suitable support.

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