Previous Events Conducted by WTF

6thConference at Bangalore on December 24,25 & 26th 2004
5thConference at Singapore on December 28th 2002

The 5th World Telugu Federation (WTF) conference was held in Singapore in December 2002. Singapore Telugu Samajam (STS) hosted the event. It was held at the Singapore conference hall, Shenton Way. While the earlier four WTF conferences were held at Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Vishakapatnam, this ws the first time such conference will be held outside India.

This event is held once in every two years with the intent of promoting the art, literature and other cultural aspects of Telugu people and also to focus on promoting Trade & Industry opportunities, business investments and tourism in Andhra Pradesh.

About 1200 delegates from all continents participated in the conference. All Telugu associations worldwide and trade bodies of Singapore and India were actively participated. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,

Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu and host of dignitaries from India, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries graced the occasion. Leading movie- and cultural-artists from Andhra Pradesh will participated in the conference.

Key Objectives
  • Promotion of the cultural heritage of Telugu people
  • Provide an opportunity to all denizens to experience the Andhra culture & cuisine
  • Creation of brand image of Telugu community and the Andhra Pradesh State
  • Promotion of Andhra Pradesh as destination for Business Opportunities, Investments and Tourism

( Chairman, Conference Organizing Committee & President, World Telugu Federation )

4thConference at Visakhapatnam on December 28th 2000

VISAKHAPATNAM - Visakapatnam claims its orgin to a temple built in honour of a Vaisaka (or Kartikeya) the son of Shiva & Parvathi who is the ruler of planet Mars and the God of War. It therefore acquired the name Visakhapatnarn after Vaisakheshwara the ruling deity of the Temple. Visakhapatnam developed into a major Port City and a Naval base with a huge Shipyard and several major industries and educational institutions. Our Chief Minister is now developing it as an IT Center. The Dolphin nose is a 174 meter high and 338 meter wide rocky promontory and is a natural wonder, which breaks the coastline into two is Visakhapatnarn's best known landmark which we adopted in our Conference LOGO. RishIkonda is a lovely beach ideal for swimmers, water skiers and windsurfers. Bheemunipatnam , about 25 Kms north east of Vizag, is east coast's oldest Dutch settlement and one of the safest beaches for swimmers. Borra Caves, 90 Kms North of Visakhapatnam which are the million year old limestone caves, are filled with fascinating estalagmite and stalactite formations. 30 Km from Borra caves is AraKu Valley with wooded forests and home of number of tribal communities, famous for the Dhimsa Dance. Simhachalam — the Hill of Lord Narasimhaswamy. The Deity is always covered with Sandalwood, giving the appearance of a Sandalwood Sivalinga.

1998 December 28th
1998 May 21st
1996 December 28th
1994 December 28th
1994 May 9th
3rd Conference at New Delhi
Inauguration of WTF Headquarters (Moved into WTF Building)
2nd Conference at Hyderabad
Ist Inaugural Conference at Chenna
Registration of WTF as a Society

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